Monteverde One Day.



The huge mass of forest in the Monteverde area acts as a natural corridor, meaning that the animals can inhabit it and move freely within it. With 7 Life Zones in the area, the avian diversity is high. Over 450 species have been recorded through the years, and there will be more records, because Climate Change is causing  lowland species to migrate towards higher elevations, in order to stay within their optimal temperature range.


There are three main reserves to visit:

  • The Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve.
  • Curi-Cancha Reserve.
  • Santa Elena Reserve.

Each reserve is special: in the Monteverde and the Santa Elena reserves, we have the chance to seek out highland species and take in stunning views of intact tropical cloud forest. In the Curi-Cancha Reserve, which has more open areas, we have higher probabilities of seeing other kinds of wildlife. 

The Birding Experience offers full day and half day tours in Monteverde. If you are interested, don't hesitat to contact us for more information. Get ready for a great experience!!