About Us



My name is David A. Rodríguez. I studied to be a Naturalist Guide and Biologist. I speak English and some basic German due to my 8 month stay in Cologne. I have spent over 10 years studying birds. I had the privilege of being exposed to nature from a young age, as my father was passionate about birds. When I started studying to be a Naturalist Guide in 2006, I got my first pair of binoculars. My life changed from that moment on.


I'm also Wildlife Photographer, and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology has some of my pictures in the Neotropical Birds collection, I now have over 1 500 photos of Costa Rican and European Flora and Fauna published on social networks. I am a member of the Unión de Ornitólogos de Costa Rica and of the Asociación Ornitológica de Costa Rica, I also work as a regional reviewer and hotspot reviewer for eBird Costa Rica. 


I also work as an independent researcher with support from two institutions: the Max Planck Institute in Germany and the Monteverde Institute. I've published natural history notes in various scientific journals, mostly focused on but not limited to Avifauna of Costa Rica. Currently I live in San Vito, Puntarenas, working for Finca Cántaros Environmental Association (fincacantaros.org).


The passion that I have for birds I also have for every single one of the creatures that surround us. From this passion stems my idea to try to expose people to the beauty found in Nature, which often goes undetected, to generate knowledge and understanding of the environment that will help promote the conservation of this planet.


If it is true that are many of us in the world, I think that Environmental Education is one of the most important tools that we can use to attempt to continue living is harmony with every living being that shares this planet with us.