A new species of bird has been add it to the Costa Rican checklist.

The past November 22th, a friend of mine saw a "rare" bird at the Caño Negro Wetlands. While he was fishing with some guys, he found a bird that in the beginning he thought that was a Least Tern (Sternulla antillarum), but he was not very convince about the identification. So, he decided to send the photos he took to some other friend, but he never thought this bird will become in the 923 species of birds reported in Costa Rica. 


The species name of this new report is Yellow-billed Tern (Sternulla supercilliaris), a tern commonly found in South America, with just  two reports from Panama on eBird, besides this new one, the rest of them are individuals found in Colombia, Venezuela, Surinam, Guyana, Brasil, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina.


So now, there is the question once again, where does this individual come from? why wanted to stay in that area? how many countrys has been until came to Costa Rica? Well, this is something not easy to understand, but definitely it is a very special report that help us to continue falling in love with Nature.

Here I show you a picture of this new bird for Costa Rica, pura vida!




Yellow-billed Tern (Sternulla supersiliaris). Foto: Barnabi Romero.